What equipment do I need for a triathlon?

There is a little more equipment needed for a triathlon than a running race, some of it is essential and some is just recommended. See below for more details:
Required equipment:
  • Bike (road bike recommended)
  • Helmet
  • Running shoes
  • Wetsuit (for open water swimming)
  • Goggles and hat


  • Race belt - You attach your bib number to this. In a triathlon you wear your bib number on your back for the bike and on your front for the run. If you have a race belt on, all you need to do is swivel the belt around in transition. At most races they will give you two numbers, one to attach to your front and one to your back (with safety pins).
  • Tri-suit - This is an all-in-one lycra suit with a built in slim pad in the crotch area for comfort on the bike. You can wear this suit for the whole race - for the swim, bike and run so you don't have to change in transition. If you have an open water swim then you simply wear your wetsuit over the top of your Tri-suit so that you already have it on for the bike and run legs.
  • Gloves (if it's cold).
  • Sunglasses (if the sun is out and to protect your eyes against the wind on the bike leg).
  • Glide - If you are doing an open water swim and wearing a wetsuit, you might like to put glide on your neck. This acts as a barrier to the effects of your wetsuit rubbing on your neck while you swim.

Click here for more information about the equipment and clothing you need to take part in a triathlon.

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